Friday, May 24, 2013

Nothing But a Good Time

Yesterday afternoon, despite this being the first official rest week I've had in I can't even tell you how long, I decided to go a little bit longer and give the new Kona Big Unit SS MTB a real shakedown. I knew that the upcoming weather was looking sketchy so headed out early with the intent of meeting up with a couple of teammates who were riding at Great Brook Park.

It is a fairly easy trail ride from the house out toward Great Brook via the rail trail and then into Estabrook Woods. From there a couple of connector trails will get me into Great Brook via the Tophet Loop trail. I had a great ride over and thew bike felt awesome, floating along nicely despite the insanely slick conditions. The temperature had been cooler but warmed dramatically and the humidity cranked way up. With that each and every moss laden rock started to sweat, turning the surfaces to grease. Regardless, I had a wonderful ride over the dozen or so miles to Great Brook minding carefully not to go too hard, as this is rest week.

There I met up with Kyle and Thomas and we proceeded to ride the steep technical sections. On the single speed they turned to effort rich grunts, not exactly what the plan called for. From there we proceeded to the Russel's Mill trails via a short cut of Kyle's through a marsh, rich with mud bogs, swamp cabbage and poison ivy. Eventually we made it in and I was reminded how truly mediocre the trails there are for a SS 29er. Don't get me wrong, the trails are great but the flow is best suited for smaller wheels and gears. We did a loop of most of the trails and then headed back to Great Brook for some loops.

Eventually we parted company with Kyle and Thomas and I made our way back into Estabrook where we did a perimeter loop. As luck would have it the wind picked up and the rain started in, lightly, just as we finished up the loop there. With that I broke off and headed back toward home as Thomas did the same. The last few miles were a little tougher and started to become a bit of a death march. Still nothing terrible but I did indeed dip a little deeper than I'd hoped for. Still it was a great ride on the new SS MTB.

This morning we awoke to rain and a forecast of gloom for much of the holiday weekend. Cathy is on vacation so we had a great breakfast of banana pancakes and sausage and then loaded the case and headed to the range for some fun. First we busted the remainder of a box of clays. Truth be told, the ground busted most of them.  It had been some time since we'd shoot clays and that became very evident quickly. Neither of us was hitting with any great consistency but we still had fun.

After that we moved over to a different range and punched holes in paper targets. This is always fun as the SR22 is just a really great weapon to fire. It is super accurate and reliable and also very affordable to shoot lots of rounds through. These days with ammunition costing what it does, our shooting choices are primarily dictated by cost.

A great start to a long weekend, one I'm very much looking forward to despite the weather or maybe, because of the weather. Down time to do fun stuff that we often don't get the chance to do. In fact, I need to go put a bunch of meat in the smoker right now.

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