Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us

This week is a busy week at our house in terms of anniversaries. It is 11 years ago today that Cathy and I were married. In ways it is hard to believe that it has been that long, yet in other ways it doesn't seem to do that time justice and accurately reflect it's pertinence. We've actually been together since 1996 and have lived happily together in the same house that we are currently in since 1997.

Over the years we have had the same ups and downs as everyone else, basically the rolling road of life. That said, I honestly believe that our time together has been heavily weighted toward the positive side. We are both very fortunate for so many reasons and I especially am lucky to have found someone who shares so many of the same life passions as I do. I've written at length here about our life together and the fact that it is always Cathy who is the one constant in my life, true friend and partner upon whom I can always rely, in all walks of life. I'd guess that many if not most are unable to make that statement. Sure, I know of some couples that seem the perfect match but there are yet many others that appear to live very separate lives. That doesn't work for me and fortunately, it doesn't have to. I have a legitimate partner regardless of what it is that we are partaking in.

This past year was certainly another great year together and here's to the promise of yet another year of adventures together. We hope to have some fun new things in store for the year as well as lots of the same old things, which we still enjoy very much doing. We also have the kittens, who are actually cats now I suppose, who are a huge part of our lives. In fact, this coming Saturday will be the one year anniversary of their welcomed arrival into our home. They have changed our lives and opened our hearts.

Cathy, thank you for another year of caring and of sharing, so many things, in so many ways. I look so very forward to every day and cherish our time together. I can't imagine life without you and wouldn't ever want to have to. I love you more than anything, always.

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