Friday, June 10, 2011

Shades of Gray

Here in the northeast we have been treated to some pretty extreme weather so far this season. That is not too say that we are the only ones that have been experiencing some harsh conditions. It seems that the weather has decided to kick it up a notch on many fronts. Yesterday we had another round of early evening, hot and humid meets cooler weather front, thunder boomers and torrential rains move through. We have not had a ton of these this season but we have had a few good ones.

I wonder if any seas were parted.

The prelude was particularly spectacular, providing some very interesting cloud cover. These shades of gray are in stark contrast to last weeks brilliant compliments of color that we say as the storms that produced all of the tornadoes in the state were rolling through our are. Despite their lack of color, last night's clouds made up for a narrow palette with spectacular contrast, providing some biblical visuals.

The storm clouds fought to black out the sun.

After the clouds moved in, the wind picked up and the cooler front rolled through. With it came a steady driving rain with interludes of torrential downpour and some steady thunder and lightening. This foiled my outdoor ride plan of once again joining in on the local NEMBA MTB ride. The rain wasn't actually all that bad by the time the ride was supposed to start, only a light drizzle but the ground and foliage were all wet and I didn't really feel compelled to venture outside. Instead I retreated to the basement and spent an hour easily spinning away on the rollers in from of the TV. The legs were pretty tired anyhow from the week's activity thus far so this was a good break. Tomorrow's plan is for some MTB racing I think, depending on the weather of course.

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