Friday, July 29, 2011


Why, just tell me why, you continue to do, these, things? We've had this conversation before and I was sure that we had come to an understanding. I just don't get it, what is it that I am missing? Am I not being clear? Are you revolting or lashing out in angst over something that I have or have not done?

Yes, I know, you would greatly appreciate an increased quantity of food on a regular basis. We know, but we also know that you have proven, you can't handle it. You simply have no restraint. Maybe that is the core of this issue as well; it's just too inviting and you simply can't help yourself.

Lord knows that we'd all like to just be able to shred TP at will, heck, who wouldn't. However, it's just not done. Society simply can't and won't allow it. Besides, it's disrespectful.


rosey said...

my 16 month old son likes to unravel the TP too. something about kids these days...

Unknown said...

Just feel lucky she doesn't have the same infatuation with shaving cream.