Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lack of January

I know that it has been said over and over but this "winter" has been crazy. What the heck did they do with January and when did they decide to replace it with March? Seriously, it is spring out there. I'm expecting to see the crocus' start to peak out any time now. It was in the 50's yesterday and we have more of the same on tap for today.

Really, we've basically had one good freeze and beyond that it has been primarily mild. Last weekend we got a taste of winter with a one-two bout of snow Friday and Saturday. This left us white and thinking things might finally be approaching normal. A bunch of us got out for a MTB ride in the middle of the storm on Saturday. This was a steady slog but fun to have and to see something different. On Sunday Cathy and I got over to Weston for some XC skate skiing, only our second time out this season. It wasn't great but it was white and frozen if very thin. Monday I got out for a snow ride which was tough going given that the temperature was above freezing and the snow was like mashed potato but it was fun none the less.

However, that was the quick end to winter it seems. The snow is now gone, the thin layer of frost that had set is now coming out of the ground and we are back into mud. Just as things were starting to really pick up for offroad riding it is once again snuffed out. Due to the lack of stow and for that matter winter, we had started riding a ton of offroad. This felt new and fresh as I hadn't been on a MTB much at all since the summer. It has been such a lackluster winter in fact, that I have ridden ever day of 2012 so far. I see no end in sight either as to short term forecast is more of the same mild conditions.

Unfortunately, until it dries or freezes offroad this means I'm back on road. Riding wet roads even if it is relatively warm, is less than optimal. I did a single-speed road ride yesterday and got soaked. I ended up after sunset with cold, wet feet. Fun times. This morning I put the full fenders on our spare cross bikes so we'll be set to go from here. So, in lieu of snow I'll make the most of what we have. At this point I'm not even psyched for snow any more. Bring on spring.

I've got a ton of home projects that I am going to start chipping away at now that I have some copious free time on my hands. Monday I decided that it was time to leave the company and job that over the years I'd grown to despise. It wasn't exactly just my decision of course. Lets just say we broke up. You see, I have this problem, with my mouth saying things that people don't want to hear, regardless of whether or not they may be accurate. That doesn't always sit well with some. I'm also not a big fan of vague, undefined extra credit visibility work. If you want me to do something, make "it" part of my job, but don't spank me for not doing "it", when you don't even know what "it" was, just that I didn't do "it". Quotes like "doing your job isn't enough" is why nobody is getting into software in the US anymore.

Anyhow, in a company that is always looking for their latest ex-employee, I was a perfect candidate. I guess I just don't fit the mold anymore or maybe I never did. Work is work, it's not an adventure. I don't long to be doing it, I do it so I can do what I really like after I'm done. The reality is that I'd been hoping for this outcome for some time. It allows me a buffer to do some projects and look at some training that may be more in-line with my objectives.

So, this weekend we are heading in search of winter. I'm not sure if we will find it but at least we are going to try. I'm kind of hoping it isn't too nasty as I need only a handful of days on the bike to meet my goal of riding every day of January. So far so good. Yesterday I finally built up Cathy's new Powertap rear hub onto her Zipp 404 wheel and got it paired with her new Garmin 500 computer. I also went grocery shopping and used the self scanner and self checkout. That was stressful and yes, I'm sheltered. More errands today and a ride at some point. So far this life of leisure is pretty good.


Cathy said...

Careful - I might get used to having a house-husband :)

Jonny Bold said...

I'm sure your next big thing will be bigger and better Mike. Pretty good timing to move on considering your recent payoff of the mortgage.

Just like I asked myself in cross season....."If you're not loving it, why are you doing it"?

I'm looking forward to hearing about the new advetures.

By the way, the trails are nearly perfect down here, scratch that, they are perfect. We rode just over 3 hours ride time today, not one spec of mud. Mid 40's with bright sunshine. Good times!


mkr said...

Looking forward to something different for sure JB. We shot up to Bethel and got in a a snow ride this AM and an XC ski this afternoon.

Want me to try and organize a MTB ride up my way next weekend, assuming the conditions hold? Maybe Saturday in lieu of the game Sunday. Trails should be pretty good assuming we don't get snow, which it doesn't look as though we will.