Saturday, April 07, 2012

One Hundred

I hit the one hundred consecutive days of riding mark yesterday. No big deal or anything but surprised that I've been able to make it this long. Don't really feel like riding at the moment but that is more because I'm tired in general. The past few weeks have seen a solid increase in intensity and the pair of notch rides we did in the past few weeks coupled with the Tuesday Smackdown rides have me at a deficit for sure. Fortunately I've been tapering the second part of the week in prep for the race next Saturday.

Also, not working, ie. not sitting around on my rear for nine straight hours a day like a little veal calf is work, really. Just being active all day and standing and moving is tiring. I'm finding that I'm going through way more calories a day than before. Who would have guessed that one. I'm already down to my mid summer race weight though the work load in terms of riding isn't really any more than normal at this time of the year.

Good stuff. Now I need to get out there and take care of some business, get out on the bike and nail down one hundred and one.

100 consecutive days of rides in Calendar form.

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