Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nice Rack

We as both cyclists and mass consumers with unlimited discretionary funds sometime forget the true scale of our addictions. I was reminded while packing up our four nicest bicycles, one road and one mountain bike each, for vacation last week and putting them on the trailer hitch mounted rack on the van.

A quick check of the simple math values of those four bicycles yielded a sum that was greater than the purchase price new of said van not so many years ago. This is a rather nice van than seats seven passengers comfortably, has power doors, locks and seat, A/C and cruise control and gets 26mpg when driven sensibly on the highway.

Our best road and MTBs precariously dangling out back.
 Lets just say that with this revelation, the drive north on the interstate in stop and go traffic was a bit unnerving.

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