Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ummm Bacon

Unfortunately, not that kind of bacon. This is the crispy kind made by hitting the deck and sliding across it. The friction wearing away the outer layers of skin, exposing the warm tones of flesh underneath.

It had been years since I'd gone done. Guess the tires just couldn't handle the pressure, or rather, the speed I tried to carry through the grass corner was a little too much given the pressure that I'd forgotten to adjust in my new front Clement PDX tire after I'd glued it up to the new tubular rim. It cornered like crazy, as if the bike were on rails, right until it broken loose and sent my fat rear immediately to the ground.

No big deal, it will heal. We are already a few days in and it is healing up quickly. The bike is all right as well, which was a huge relief given that it was my new SuperX.  It won't be long now and the this will be just another scar on the roadmap of poor choices and mistakes that are my legs.

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CB2 said...

Did the tire lose contact with the grass or the rim?