Saturday, April 06, 2013

Still Waiting for Spring

It seems like it has been a long time coming but my hope is that spring really is just around the corner. Each week we seem to be getting more and more glimpses of a reprieve. That said we were back into the 20's overnight and in the low 30's this AM. Couple that with the cold wind and it's down right cold. We had a few good days though, last weekend and then Thursday and Friday of this week. Of course the Tuesday night Turkey Vulture road smack-down finished up with just above freezing temperatures.

I know, this is just a good old fashioned winter but the contrast from the past couple of years feels so harsh. For instance, the spring flowers are a solid two to three weeks behind. We only started to see the crocus starting to poke their heads out last week and the daffodils just came out the later part of this week. Again, that I'm sure is actually the norm but we got used to seeing the first signs of spring earlier, in March rather than into April. Those signs give hope of the seasonal change to a more temperate climate. I guess last year doesn't count really, as it pretty much never got cold and we had consistent late spring conditions in February.

I put the snow-blower away yesterday and rearranged the garage. I also cleaned the vehicles and swept an unbelievable amount of road salt from the garage floor. The reality is that I need to now wash the floor to remove the remaining powdery white film which delights in tracking everywhere. I can see why so many local towns ran into budget issues trying to keep ahead of the roads from all of the winter storms. Apparently they did not spare the road salt. It's unfortunate that they can't reclaim some of that. It does a number to the vehicles as well. I noticed chunks of rust flaking off yesterday as I washed the undercarriage of my 2005 Toyota Tacoma, a truck known for premature rusting and failure of the frame. I fully plan to drive it until it buckles, dies, or they recall and buy it back, which they did of course with the model years directly preceding mine.

Anyhow, as the dates slip by on the calendar we surely march forward into spring. It is after all, inevitable, and will at some point arrive for good. I'm ready for it and for the renewal. Many projects are on hold at present waiting for the warmer weather. With luck, it will be here soon.

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