Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This past Monday, Columbus Day here in the states but also Canadian Thanksgiving for those from north of the border, we took the opportunity to go visit Salem with Cathy's folks. This time of year Salem is a mass of activity. The place absolutely comes alive as we approach Halloween.

Thanks to a tip from some local friends we made our way through the packed downtown streets, which had not a parking spot to be found, and proceeded directly for the ferry parking. This was at the far side of town but had ample available parking and was free. It also put us right on the scenic tour trail, kindly marked with a painted red stripe on the sidewalk.

We meandered about on our way into town, looking at sights and architecture and basically taking in a wonderful sunny fall afternoon. Some lunch at Salem Beer Works, who had a very good Pumpkin Ale, and I'm not a big fan of pumpkin beer, and then we browsed the center. There were lots of good sights to be seen as well as interesting people, a staple for Salem especially this time of year.

I was particularly taken by the architecture, which is often the case with older structures. Irregular angles and shapes hint at the battles with time and the coastal weather as well as the challenges the builders faced in the original construction, given to tools and techniques at hand. It all adds to the character, something that most modern urban structures lack in contrast.

A great day that capped a wonderful weekend with family and friends, hanging out, racing bikes and enjoying the life we are truly fortunate to have.


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