Friday, November 08, 2013


Why does it seem that everything is better in pairs? Maybe that is just the way that the world was meant to work. I don't know but in this house, where Cathy and I pretty much do everything together, as a team, what that all boils down to is that we end up lots of pairs of everything. That holds for skis, sleds, snowshoes, recliners and of course, bicycles.

As mentioned previously, the latest addition to our vastly diversified fleet of sporting goods is a fat tired snow bike. To be more specific, that was the addition of my spiffy new Charge bikes Cooker Maxi. Mine showed up last week and I put it together and did a couple of small rides on it with good success. That said, it has yet to see the snow or even the sand for that matter.

Maybe I'll take it for CX practice next week though and see how it does in the sand. I'd bet that the hot laps in the field would be a little brutal though. On second thought, after just how brutally hard this week's Wednesday night practice on the SSCX bike, maybe that would be a bad idea.

So anyhow, yesterday Cathy's Charge Cooker Maxi showed up at the shop. I built it up and last night we went out for a short and super easy in the wet on the bike path. Fun stuff and the fit seems to be just about perfect. I'll make a few minor upgrades with parts that I have lying around but for the most part, the bike will remain stock.

Now we just need some actual snow to try them out on. From what the weather forecast is currently saying, that may actually happen next week. Will see.

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