Thursday, February 20, 2014

Four Years Old

Happy Birthday to the kittens, who are four years old today, as best we could tell at least. The shelter we adopted them from, the Waltham Cat Connection, didn't exactly get birth certificates when they found the family on the street, in a cardboard box. Yes, our babies came from the rough streets of the Watch City, not exactly the best of starts.

It is hard to believe that it will soon be four years since we anxiously met them and they immediately stole our hearts. We went to visit them at their foster home in Waltham. We had the chance to spend a little time with them alone and instantly knew that they were the ones. Yes, I suppose any kittens could have been the ones but I choose to think that these were special and that we were all meant to find our way to each other, somehow. Regardless of the how or why, our lives were changed forever and we are very, very grateful for their presence.

This marks the fourth year in a row that we celebrated their Birthday with party hats and cake from Concord Teacakes. Great tradition that we intend to continue, forever. The cake, vanilla on vanilla as chocolate is bad for the kittens, is of course primarily for us. However on this special occasion, we let them have a small piece each. Oh, and maybe a small taste of the frosting when we were trying to get them to set still for the celebratory pictures. No small task what with the party hats and all.

Great times are often made from simple little events, that we hold dear. Happy Birthday kittens and thank you for being such a big part of yet another great year.

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