Friday, December 19, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

And so it has begun, the most wonderful time of the year. The off season, the time of year when we are not actively competing in anything but who has the most fun. We got this. really, we are all over it. Pretty sure we have a reasonably good idea how to have fun.

Of course it is also Christmas. What a great time indeed. Tonight we introduced the new Borealis Yampa Fat Bikes to snow. We didn't have the chance to go all that far, what with the time and all. Seems the town of Bethel delights in plowing our drive in, in really good shape. It has also been a while since we have been here and Bethel has been getting a bunch of snow. The bank at the edge of the road, which was nearly 3' high, was frozen solid. Luckily the old snowblower started right up and though it struggled, as did my back from manhandling the ancient unit, we got it cleared just as Cathy showed up.

In other excitement, some old lady clipped a pole in front of the house this afternoon in bright, sunny and dry conditions. This resulted in the Oxford County Sheriffs Department's finest closing down RT26 for 4hrs on the Friday afternoon, before Christmas, in Bethel. They used our one way side road, which is a nice clean and short bypass of the incident, to divert traffic in one direction. The other direction they were sending on a 15 mile detour. Infinite wisdom and incredible resource squandering. Doesn't take much to understand why they are so loved currently though.

Anyhow, awesome time tonight just getting out. With the rain there was puddling on some of the trails, which hadn't frozen up yet. Not much and nothing too deep. Mostly the snow was styrofoam and anything that had been packed by sled or snowshow prior to the last storm was rideable. Planning to go hit Gorham tomorrow with the Coos Cycling Club crew. Should be a hoot. Will report back on what we find. Feel like we need to get it in before the Christmas Eve warmup they are predicting for next week.

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