Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Fifth

Today marks, at least as best we can tell, the kitten's fifth birthday. They have been with us since they were about ten weeks old so we've not been together quite five years, but we are close. Hard to believe that it has been that long and that they are that old. The time has been great though and will continue to be.

We adopted them from a local shelter, the Cat Connection in Waltham. The Cat Connection is staffed by wonderful, caring people who do truly great work. Cathy and I have continued to support them as best we can as well as promote them in whatever way possible. This year, we will be promoting them to a greater extent as a major part of our cycling team.

I designed new team kits that we received a couple of weeks ago. They look pretty spiff and promote the Cat Connection as well as the Bikeway Source. In fact, the whole theme of the kit is feline based. I took the time to create the paw-print graphic so figured that I might as well us it.

Anyhow, Happy Birthday O&E. I hope that you enjoyed your cake from Concord Teakcakes and ice cream from Bedford Farms. I know that Cathy and I did.

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