Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking Forward

It's that time of year. The end of the cyclocross season and the gawd-awful long racing season in general is finally drawing near. I've started to do more fun, mountain bike rides and it has been great. My Yeti leaf magnet has been great since I gave up on trying to make it XC friendly and reverted it back to having a short and upright stem and lower saddle height. The suspension on the thing works absolutely great. Many thanks to Brian for hooking me up with it. I'm finally giving it some use. In fact, I had a nice gentle ride with PK last night in the PR. I can honestly say that I am looking very forward to some new stuff.

Hopefully we are going to have a good winter and get some snow so we can break into a good routine on the skinny skis. Also thinking about dropping for a just-for-fun-bike depending on what they cost and whether or not I can justify it. Will see. I said the same thing last year and then opted to err on the side of reason as justification for yest another type of bike is tough.

I'm also hoping to actually use my sleds this season. We put almost no miles on last year. The snow was bad and I opted to do big miles on the bike all year instead. A little bit of both would be great. Some of my fondest memories are of the long day trips we do getting up early and trailering over the Notch to Errol, NH and then riding north through the Great North Woods up almost to the border and then down to Pittsburg for lunch at the Happy Corner Cafe and a refill at Young's store. Then we make the trip back around the lakes and south to Errol, finishing up just as it is getting dark. It's typically snowing at least lightly as we load the sleds back into the trailer and strike off back over the Notch in relatively miserable conditions to get back home in Bethel. Good times.


Cathy said...

Oh - that looks like so much fun right now! ;)

G-ride said...

god i miss having a decent place to ride the snow machines. i got spoiled growing up on the lake with the deserted boys camp full of roads and trails next door. I dragged my old machine up here and tried to beat my way onto VAST from the house for a couple years, and a couple clutches. Just couldn't do it. Too steep. And no trailer. I sold the machine. Now I want a new one to take Noah out on, but damn they cost a lot. Needs to be a mountain machine really, I think.

And yah, the snow has been really questionable the last couple years.

mkr said...

Our sleds are both Renegades which run a 136" long track with a 1.25" paddle and a 16" width vs a 15" standard width. This gives the same footprint as a some of the real mountain sleds. If you ride them aggressively, they will go. And yes, they are expensive. Try buying them two at a time.

We have trails out the door but also trailer a bunch. Used to be wicked into the club and I spent a winter running the clubs '93 Tucker grooming. Some good stories there.

David said...

Just found the blog. Great stuff. Snow bike looks interesting.