Thursday, December 09, 2010

Down with the Sickness

No, not that sickness, the good old fashioned New England holiday mixer sickness that has settled in the lungs, making basic things like breathing and sleeping a nightmare. Every year I get sick right around the holidays but this year it has been a little bit more virulent. It all started after Thanksgiving and I've been trying to fight it off by mostly ignoring it and spending lots and lots of time out riding my bike in the cold. For some strange reason, this course does not seem to be working and the back to back 2 hour stints in the dark cold the past couple of nights have thrown the knockout. I give up.

As such I am going to break down and go visit the doctor, or at least the nurse given that she was all I could get in to see on short notice. I'm sure that they are going to tell me that I probably have a touch of bronchitis and that even though I could live without it, have some penicillin just because we have an abundance and we love to prescribe it. Oh, and since you're here and you are old and we also have an abundance of flu shot meds that are going to go bad if we don't get rid of them, let me jab this garden hose sized needle in your arm. Sure, it might make you sick for 7 - 10 days but you will be all set to go after that. Apparently Flu shots and beer share a common trait, they have a short shelf life and go bad in the fridge if you don't use the right up. Speaking of beer, think I'll drink beer tonight, or maybe this afternoon. Did you know that modern cough meds (like the 'Tussin DM/CF) contain no alcohol what so ever but you need to show an ID for them? With no alcohol, why the hell would anyone want it and at $7 for like 8oz. that stuff would have to pack a pretty awesome buzz anyhow.

Merry Christmas! Next year I'm not leaving my home for the holidays and nobody is invited to come visit me either.

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Caroline said...

Awwww, Mike! Rest like you mean it!