Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Road Trip

It's vacation and in fact Cathy's first day of vacation and thus the first day that she can sleep late. What better way to start a vacation than with an early morning road trip. Besides, you don't want to sleep late and waste your vacation, right?

We were out the door a little before 6AM with coffee mugs full and all of the Wednesday morning chores done, which included taking the garbage out to the curb for pickup. Kittens were fed and the poops were scooped as well. The destination was a quick run up RT128 to RT1 south and into lovely Saugus. What, you might ask, is worth making an early morning pilgrimage all the way to Saugus for? The city of Saugus is actually a treasure trove of cultural and epicurean treats but in the particular case, the target was none other than Kane's Donut shop.

You need to get there early for the best selection we have learned. Alas, I wasn't able to get up and out the door as early as I'd planned. They open at 3:30AM and I thought that it would be novel to see just who is buying doughnuts and 3:30AM in Saugus. Didn't happen.

The doughnuts were still warm. The doughnuts were excellent. Now I need to go for a six hour ride in order to work that lard off.

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Trigirlpink said...

That is completely and utterly pure awesome-ness on earth. Have a great vacation and Merry Christmas!