Monday, March 14, 2011

First Tandem Ride of the Season

Despite a forecast that claimed partial sun, yesterday morning started out rainy, cold and overcast. Fortunately the wind was fairy calm and we were graciously granted an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, albeit at the expense of an hour of sleep to start the day. What better way to celebrate than on the tandem.

In spite of the actual weather, Cathy and I rode over to PK's and met up with he and a motley crew of folks for a short but sweet tandem jaunt. They suffered for about an hour and half before heading back to PK's for some snacks.

We were in search of another hour of misery to bookend the hour block of pain we had on the way to the ride. This worked well and we finished out the day with just shy of 3.5 hours in the saddle and about 61 miles. Of course as we were almost home, the cloud cover broke and the sun poked it's head out. I can live with that though and did not feel the need to head back out into the new found sun for more. The early season Saturday-Sunday one-two put a mighty smack on my legs and I was left reeling. Good times for sure and an indicator that lots of pain is yet to be had in the upcoming weeks.

Is this thing working?


Cathy said...

We were in search of another hour of misery

Actually, YOU were in search of another hour of misery. I didn't have a lot of choice ;). Good ride though - my legs still hurt today.

Philip said...

Next time, replace "misery" with "food, drink and good company"!