Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winter's Clutches

It just won't give up. This really is the real deal, a true winter. Officially we are now into spring. We have an extra hour of light in the evenings. The early spring flower should be poking their heads up and the trees should be starting to bud. Instead, at the moment, it is 23 degrees outside with the high temperatures today expected to hover just above freezing.

On the up side, if one was so inclined, there is still excellent XC skiing to be had up north. I checked out the conditions at Bretton Woods Nordic center at the Mount Washington Hotel and they have most terrain open with huge base depths still and a solid 6" of new snow in the past day. I've got to admit, I considered piling into the car and going for it but just couldn't bring myself to do so.

So, what is on tap instead? Well, for today it looks like the plan will be to wait until the heat of the day and start a local four or so hour road, I mean MTB ride at 10AM. It's not all that bad really. The sun is out and the wind is calm so it won't be that terrible if you don't overheat and get clammy and have to stop and then freeze to death. Actually, all told, the weather has been cool but fairly dry so I'll take it any time. Riding in a cold rain really isn't so much fun and we have been lucky not to have to deal with it this year, so far anyhow.

Spring in New England. Fun times for sure.

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