Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday

And yet another work week draws to close. They seem to be getting away from me, but that's just the way it is, right? This was a good week. We had a great weekend last weekend with a spectacular day trip to the Kingdom Trails and then busting some clays on Sunday. Also had a good solid mix during the week. I actually really appreciate and enjoy the regular, scheduled order of the work week. I often struggle with vacation weeks due to their lack of structure.

Monday was a nice, rainy, low key day. Tuesday we did the NEBC Junior Development Cycling Team weekly group ride at which there were exactly zero crashes or injuries; small steps. Wednesday night was the MTB time trial championships of the world at the CBTT, also know as the "how badly can you handicap yourself in a TT" race. Last night I went over to the Thursday night Hanscom ride put on by the good folks at CRW. The ride was good and with very tired legs from the TT effort the preceding evening, I suffered at the hands of Gary J., who was in very good form. Today I need to work some, or pretend to anyhow, do some bike work at lunch (like build up a new 29er full suspension frame I got for Cathy) and then some of the Junior Team are going to converge on the local MTB trails for what is sure to be mayhem.

The weekend weather is looking mediocre but we have plans to head back up to the Kingdom Trails in the morning and get in another stellar day of riding the best that the region has to offer. Looking very forward to this once again. It has been a good week for sure and there is no sign of it letting up. Life is good!


Cathy said...

New bike, awesome trails, riding with you - what could be better? :) But can we start on the Darling Hill side tomorrow?

Caroline said...

But Cathy, it's not warming up unless it involves the Toll Road.