Friday, October 14, 2011

They'll Never Learn

You 'd think that after the experience last winter, coupled with other past experiences, that "they" would learn. There are certain things that you just shouldn't eat.

Last weekend we took a break from cross racing made the trip up to our place in Maine to celebrate Thanksgiving with Cathy's folks. On the way up Thursday night, we stopped at Tim Horton's in Oxford, ME for some "doughnuts". Traditionally, they are one of the few places that carries sour cream doughnuts, save for intermittent appearances in the bakery of our local Stop&Shop. Those are about as good a doughnut as you can get from a chain. However, we were disappointed to find them out (who would have guessed they would be out at 9PM on a Thursday) and also that what they did have, was less than stellar. It had probably been sitting around since the early AM run. Regardless, we were there and foolishly purchased a dozen of their doughnut dregs.

On a side note, they are working feverishly on the new Resort Casino that is going in on RT26 just south of Oxford. It is going to be something, I'm sure. Will be interesting to see what it ends up looking like and what kind of business is does. We don't really gamble but on odd trips to Vegas in the past we have enjoyed playing very limited amounts of quarter slots. This was back in the pre-virtual day when the payout was in actual quarters and you pulled a handle. We would take a bag of loose change with us and dole that out on a daily allotment basis for a gambling money. Winnings went in the pocket, not back into the kitty and we would usually come back with more than we went with. Yes, we're also really boring in real life, if you haven't guessed so far.

I'm not sure why I do it. Since I've started sampling gourmet quality artisan doughnuts, the chains just don't measure up. It's like drinking crappy beer or having chain pizza or fast food burgers. They simply leave too much to be desired, so much so that you end up regretting having made the choice in the first place. Sort of a buyers remorse situation but on a slightly smaller scale. Come Monday morning we were back home and made the pilgrimage to Kane's in Saugus, MA for the real deal. Nothing else really measures up afterall.

You'll be sorry!

In the mean time, we found a use for the remnant chain doughnuts, if you can actually call them that. Though they seemed very happy to get them, I'm pretty sure there were some upset stomachs later on. Hope this doesn't qualify us for endangering the wildlife.

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