Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Happened to Fall?

Looks like we got hosed out of yet another transitional season. Seems that this has happened a number of times in the past few year, what with the spring and fall seasons taking a beating. It seems we go right from winter with cold and snow into an immediate change with warm and dry in the Sprummer season and then right from hot and dry to freezing and wet in the Fanter season.

No, it isn't snowing but did we ever get the nice, cool, crisp and sunny fall days that we all look forward to? Maybe I was snoozing and missed them. I seem to recall lots of above average temps and warm, humid and rainy. Now we are right into the 40 degrees and driving rain stage. Yuck. I recall a couple years back going from 40 and rain in March to sunny and 90 degrees a week later in April. We literally were hypothermic at a race one Sunday and people were dropping from heat exhaustion at a race the next Sunday.

Strange days, indeed.

Cathy getting first tracks up Bear Notch 2006/03/31.

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