Monday, December 03, 2012

Ladies in the Mist

It has been some time since I've posted much of anything. Pretty busy as usual. Lots of racing as always plus the holidays added in coupled with the living hell that has become my job and there you have it. Not much time to be creative. Hopefully I can get things straightened out so I can get back on top of things. After all, I have like half a dozen race reports outstanding which I'm sure that everyone is just dying to see.

I lucked out yesterday though at day 2 of the NBX cyclocross race weekend in Warwick, RI, to a degree. The early races were held in a thick fog that made for some very interesting photographic shots. Unfortunately I didn't have the good camera but made do with what I had. The results were not as dramatic as I'd hoped but still helped aid the composition.

Here are a block of shots that I snagged from the women's category 3/4 race.  Most of them are of friendly faces and good folks that we know.

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