Saturday, January 05, 2013


On the ride home from the cyclocross practice race today in Concord, while lamenting about hitting the deck when I hit a patch of ice under the snow right at the start, I got to thinking about a mix of a couple of sandwiches which might yield a really good combination. I often do some of my best thinking while on the bike so decided to develop and run with it.

It started with the classic old school New England Fluffernutter. If you're not from New England you probably have no idea WTF that is. Too bad for you. Growing up it was a staple for kids all around the region. At least, it was for us. Maybe that speaks to the nutrition of the day. Anyhow, it consists of Marshmallow Fluff, which is made right here in the city of sin, Lynn, MA and peanut-butter. Simple, yet effective. Why do we have fluff in the house? Because we saw it mentioned on the Food Network and Cathy had no idea what it was. I explained and she snagged some at the store shortly after.

To add another layer of complexity to the sandwich, I took a page from the diet of the King and his grilled peanut-butter and banana creation that he was supposedly so fond of. Look how that diet worked out for him. How could you possibly go wrong I figured. The result would hopefully be a grilled peanut-butter, Fluff and banana masterpiece that would be warm, gooey, sweet and slightly savory.

The result was actually pretty good.
Fluffy monkey nuts. Warm fluffy money nuts at that. Sounds like a mixed drink doesn't it? It was pretty good and Cathy's first taste of a traditional New England classic, with a little extra flair. Give it a try. The texture was a little, weird, and I'll avoid going into a description because I suspect it might get this post censored by some of the content filters out there. Probably not an every day meal but certainly something fairly light, fun and different. I bet the kids would like it as well.

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