Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Recent Addition

Some people get golf related gifts for Christmas, others get home related, some car related. The theme often centers around ones hobbies and interests. If you are cyclist then you tend to get bike related gifts. This is great, because being a cyclist, you tend to enjoy such gifts.

 Last year, 2012, was the year of bikes around our house. We turned over more stock than we ever have, purchasing no fewer than eight new bicycles if I count correctly. That may sound like a lot and frankly, you would be right. We have never come close to that kind of a purchasing throw-down before. As a result, if you were to look at the bicycle related expenses for our household you would notice that we spent more than some small countries do annually. If Chris and the shop actually made anything on us, they'd be able to retire. Unfortunately for them, they treat my sorry self well. This is much appreciated I am I truly in their debt. It's going to take me an eternity to pay it off with donuts and beer winnings.

We put the bikes to good use though and obtained some really great results with them. I've got to say that the bikes that we are now on are the best that we have ever had. The cyclocross bikes in particular are just amazing and a huge improvement in fit and function.

Last summer, we got Cathy a new MTB. It was one of the new Cannondale Scalpel 1 full suspension 29ers. The thing is incredibly light and she loves it. I'd been thinking about getting one as well but had been holding off. My old bike, which isn't all that old, works just fine and we were deep into cyclocross season. No time to think about MTBs anyhow.

Lo and behold, what should appear under the Christmas tree this year but a spiffy new bike box packed full with an awesome new MTB, for me, from Santa with help from the kittens (they helped with the sizing). My wife is awesome and I appreciate her immensely. Last weekend I finally got the time to put it together. Why was it not put together when I received it? Chris knows just how particular I am about those types of things and that I always put my own bikes together. It can be a curse of course because if anything goes wrong, there is nobody else to blame.

I can't wait to give it a try on some real trail. Given the weather currently, I suspect we will be back to dirt in no time. Thank you Cathy and thank you Chris.

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Cathy said...

I hope you love it as much as I love mine! It will make you faster, which scares me :)