Friday, March 01, 2013

Nothing to See Here

Not a whole lot of content right now. Gearing up for the weekend and trying to decide just what to do in terms of riding versus taking off for the weekend north. Not sure how psyched I am to head to Maine and shovel the drive-way though and unfortunately, never really got psyched to ski this year. It is also that point in the season where I feel compelled to ride the bike with at least some purpose.

I did start pulling together a training plan and strategy for one of the collegiate riders that used to be part of the NEBC Junior Development Team. I'm going to work with him over the spring race season and try and help him with some structure. I've actually given some thought to doing more of that, especially with hands on work with off-road. Not sure what the market is though or if it is over-saturated.

Washed the bikes and drive-trains from the road ride, again. It has become a daily occurrence, one that I will enjoy doing without. With the roads the way they are right now thought, it will be the norm for the time being. Even with the full fenders, the salt and road grime gets everywhere. Love the late winter/spring riding in New England.

I've got some new fenders in the works. Ordered some hardware for them and have the main fender in prep soaking. Built a shaping jig for them as well. Just need to get some aluminum flat stock for the mounts and once all the pieces arrive, I will be in business.

This guy was just outside the office window. Beautiful, big healthy Red Tail parked up in the neighbor's tree. I snagged a few shots of him with the Canon Rebel EOS T2i and the Canon 70-300 zoom. A little crop, positive contrast and negative mid-tone and he really popped out, even in the dull light. That said, it is amazing how well wildlife disappears against the background. Evolution works so very well if you just let it.

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