Sunday, May 05, 2013

Death by Meat

Cathy's folks came down for a visit Friday so I decided to load up the smoker again with a medley of meats. The premier cut was a big old pork loin but at staggered intervals I also threw in some chicken thighs and then some Polish beef sausage.

For wood chips I used some maple and some crab-apple from the wood pile cut into small slabs and soaked in water. Over the course of the afternoon the meats spent their time in the smoker and by 6:30PM I was set to pull them out. After a short rest I opened up the loin to find a juicy and near perfectly cooked piece of meat. The chicken although it looked to have shrunk a bit was also super juicy and tender, cooked just right as well. Even the sausage, which only had a couple of hours over the smoke and low heat was also very tasty.

Good times indeed and with the addition of some coleslaw and corn bread a great way to kick off the visit. We followed it up with a wonderful lemon cake from our friend Roni's bakery, Jake's in Nashua as well as some of her custom ice cream in group celebration of recent anniversaries, birthdays and the like. Hard to improve upon that, indeed.

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