Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New CX Bikes

It seems that we have had a near perpetual churn of new bikes flowing through the basement recently. The truth is actually not quite that extravagant though by most counts, we do really have lots of new bikes. In fairness, we have gotten rid of even more of our used bikes.

This has been the year of that which does not get adequate use shall be gotten rid of. What that translated to was a whole lot of bikes finding new owners and we are not done yet. We still have three bikes that need to find a new home, Cathy's spring build carbon-fiber CX bike, her Specialized Tarmac Pro SL road bike which was replaced with a Cannondale EVO Red and her Specialized Transition TT bike, which is not being replaced. If anyone know anyone looking, please let me know.

So about a month ago we received our new cyclocross race bikes, 2013 Cannondale SuperX disc. These are exactly the same as the ones that we raced last year, the ones that we have been using all summer for dirt road adventures. Those same bikes will see duty this fall as our training and spare pit bikes for this cyclocross season. We both absolutely adore these bikes. I honestly prefer the SuperX to my very, very nice SuperSix road bike.

Anyhow, after more than a month sitting in a box in the basement I finally took the time to put the new bikes together. The only thing we are still waiting on is a second set of new Carver C38 disc brake carbon tubular wheels from Big Al at Bikeman, the same wheels that we ran all of last season. He only had one set left by the time I got around to ordering the new ones but promises me the next batch is on the way and should be here in time for the season.

Speaking of the season. Holy crap, the first race is next weekend. I can not believe that it is here already. I know, it happens every season but geeze. We still have two MTB races left to complete and I totally forgot to schedule in a break. D'Oh!

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