Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taking a Break

This week is all about rest, recovery and trying to recharge. My race performance has been pretty un-remarkable and I'm just plain beat, both physically and mentally. Couple that with the fact that this is the week leading into Halloween, one of the most wonderful times of the year. This week has also been an incredible week for color in terms of foliage and we have also had spring like weather. So, we have done only a few really easy and short rides, basically just to stretch the legs.

The other side of the week of relaxation has been eating, drinking and watching lots and lots of horror flicks and Halloween shows. We just watched "The Great Pumpkin" and last night we watched "Hocus Pocus" which is one of the best Witch movies centered in one of my favorite places, Salem, MA. I don't think that the movie was actually filmed there though. We then watched a new release, that hasn't made it to theaters yet though has hit pay-per-view and now is on cable. This movie was called "Monsters" and was short on action, suspense and gore but had a subtle point, some character development and some interesting natural post apocalyptic (or at least post monster attack) cinematography. Now we are watching Alton make Halloween candy. Next up is the only TV series that we actually follow, and have been for a number of years now.

As for racing, I'm too stupid to hang it up regardless of whether or not I should. As such I will likely race at least once and possibly both days this weekend. Fortunately fore me, there are a relatively local races both days, both of which are fairly small. This is good because after last weekend, I think that I'm done with the big races for good. One of the races in fact was one of my favorite races of last season, Orchard Cross, just across the border in NH at a working farm and apple orchard. The other race of the weekend is Canton, which is one of my least favorite courses but is fairly close to home. It has also become one of the tier two premier local races along with Bedford Cross, Suckerbrook and Ice Weasels.

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tmc said...

And Monsters was done using my product (After Effects)! Sounds like you had a nice rest week.