Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Too Cold to Ride

At least too cold for me, to ride the DRZ with any level of comfort. At 6:15AM this morning it was dark as night and 32.2 degrees, just a crack above freezing. I wanted to ride the bike in to work so worked from home for a few hours, until it was light and had warmed up to 39.8 degrees and then headed in. I bundled in the sled gear on as well as a full face snowmobile helmet with breath box and fog resistant dual visor and hit the road.

Motorcycles are not like snowmobiles, at least mine isn't as it has no windshield or fairing or electric hand-warmers or even hand guards and affords almost no wind protection at all. This means you freeze and as such, I did. I'm thinking that it might be time to take the sled gear north for the winter and prep and tuck the bike in the back of the garage.

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