Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend in Maine

Much of our lives are now occupied with the kittens. Caring, feeding, cleaning, playing or just observing. They enjoyed their weekend in Maine as much as we did. Pretty uneventful and fairly restful, for all of us.

Besides a bunch of tearing up and down the stairs by the kittens and a mouse scurrying around making noise and doing what mice do in the basement, there wasn't a whole lot of excitement. Unfortunately for said mouse, things didn't go so well. When we left this weekend we left the toilet seat up and three traps set. Will see what the score is when we are back in a couple weeks.

We also had two days of cyclocross racing at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine. Great courses, a wonderful facility and spectacular weather. The only downside was in my performance which typical of this season, is well shy of the result that I had been hoping for. Excuses are like arse-holes so I won't go down that road. I guess it is just the new norm, which I'm finding difficult to swallow. It has been a long year though and I just can't bring myself to push as hard as I need to at this point. Maybe some rest will help. That's the next thing that I am going to try. Will see.

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