Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainy Day

You really have to love this time of year in New England. We still have a solid 12-16" of snow on the ground but it is raining like crazy. The local skiing is not great; the trails are typically either ice or slush and anything in the woods or exposed is getting thin. This rain may signal the end until we get some more snow, at least at Great Brook. Weston will be OK I should think, assuming they can chop up the sheet ice. Up north they are getting snow, so conditions there should remain good. We also found that the open fields were good yesterday and still have plenty of snow. Unfortunately, this rain is going to make the crust tough to ski on once it freezes back up, unless we get a little bit of snow on top of it.


As for riding, I got out yesterday for a quick 30 miles. It was cool but the conditions on the roads were not too bad. Primarily dry in fact. The banks are melting back and visibility is dramatically improving. Hopefully this rain will stop and we will dry up for a local road ride tomorrow mid morning.

Not exactly a flattering portrait.

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