Thursday, March 29, 2012

Deep Fried Goodness

It's amazing how deep frying most anything ends up being pretty darn good. Blame it on the Devil I guess. A while back as we were making corn bread I had the idea that corn bread batter mixed with diced onion, whole kernel corn and diced jalapeno deep fried would probably be pretty good. I was thinking cake doughnut only with a slightly healthier basis.

I'd been meaning to try it out for weeks and never got around to it. That was until last weekend. We had some time, some potato that would make perfect fries and some corn bread mix so I figured that we had little to lose. I took our electric fryer thingy out on the deck, slammed some vegetable oil in it and flipped the switch.

Once it was up to speed we dropped in some corn bread batter. That was actually harder than it would seem as the stuff is really sticky. I think the best bet would be to use an icing bag or something. I wonder how they make cake doughnuts as that would likely be similar? Anyhow, it did work and we were able to make small balls of deep friend corn bready goodness. They were pretty darn good also. Not as dense as a fritter. Lighter and crumblier, like corn bread.

Good and good for you, especially drizzled with maple syrup.

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