Thursday, March 22, 2012


The flowers may be thinking spring but dang, it feels like summer out there. Starting to wonder if those crazy Mayans had it right. Guess we will all find out. The vintage dual cassette AM/FM stereo radio that I have been using in the workshop died this AM. Playing some sweet 70's/80's music one minute then nothing on any station. I thought we were done for. Turns out it just gave up the ship. Probably all the dust I've been stirring up making little pieces of scrap wood out of big pieces of good wood.

I've been crazy busy this week working on that stupid mantle piece. Why is finish woodworking always way more involved than you plan? Maybe it's because I can't plan that stuff worth beans. Saws are all in the basement though so I figure I've been up and down the stairs 75 times each day this week easily. Good stuff though and the end is finally in sight. I'll post some pictures of the process once it is done.

Nice social MTB ride planned for tonight. That should be a good cap to the riding part of the week, at least the meat of it. Got in a great ride Tuesday and the fastest of the Tuesday smackdown rides so far this year. Great weather helped no doubt. Tomorrow will be a nice easy spin and Saturday just a mild opener for the MTB TT on Sunday in RI. First race of the season.

It seems to have come quickly, though for no good reason. We've been on the bikes constantly this year, literally. The streak is still alive. Not sure what day I'm on any more though but every one since December 29th. No end in sight.

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