Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday Night's Alright

For some time at the range that is. That of course is only after a failed attempt early in the afternoon (drove all the way to the range only to learn that someone forgot the ammunition) followed by an angry trip home and an excellent BBQ dinner, which took the edge off.

This time I verified that I had everything and so we packed up the range bag and travel case and made it out to Harvard with about 45 minutes of daylight left. That was plenty and we took turns working on trigger pull with the relatively new Ruger SR-22 which I picked up a couple months ago from the good folks at Four Seasons in Woburn. This is an excellent choice for someone who likes to shoot. So far the weapon has been super reliable, has some big features built in and is also really accurate. Now I just need to order a couple more magazines.

Cathy really enjoys this piece and is shooting really well with it. One of the biggest benefits is how affordable it is to shoot. Gotta love the small caliber rim-fire.

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