Thursday, July 19, 2012


Yesterday was the 200th day of the 2012. Pretty amazing how fast it's flying by, eh? I think so anyhow but I guess that is the common theme to life, at least when you're not doing hard time in the crowbar hotel as some fat toothless guy's personal masseuse. I digress though. The year is indeed past the half way point which means before we know it the seasons will change and will will be into the rapid fire cyclocross season, when time really does a mad dash.

I'll spend a little time doing the Q1 reflection. It's been quite a year so far with tons of transition. I left a job that I'd been in for an eternity. I retired so to speak and got a bunch of stuff done around the house. I not only learned how to but mastered the science of grocery shopping, cutting our weekly bills dramatically while giving nothing up in terms of quality. I spent some free time building bikes for my buddy Chris to help give back a little for all that he has helped me with not only with biking but XC skiing and at the range. I somewhat reluctantly went on a job interview and despite all efforts to not wind up with a job, wound up with a job.

That's pretty much it, save the cycling, which has been the real constant this year. In fact, the streak is still alive and going, at least for now. I'm pretty sure that I'm on day 207 in a row of riding a bike. Some days are bigger than others but it's been an adventure thus far. I'm on course for a record year in terms of mileage and hours if this holds out. My fitness is pretty good and I'm learning how to really listen to my body and react accordingly. That means rest when necessary in the for of active recovery and backing off. They can't all be hammerfests as I'm learning, unfortunately.

So far so good. The road season has been pretty mediocre in terms of racing but the MTB scene has been good. I'm 4 for 5 on the year so far, a record that certainly can't hold but I'll give it my best for sure. The training is coming along well and the power numbers are looking good. Very soon it will be time to back off and take a big break, then hit it hard with lots of shorter intensity training.

The change will be good.


CB2 said...

Going for 365?

Coming down to enjoy the rocks or heading to NH?

mkr said...

I'm not really sure where the streak will go. I pretty much rode in some form every day before this year anyhow so it's not that big a deal but makes for a really novel looking training calendar :)

Trying to decide what to do this weekend. What is the CT course like other than old rocky moto trail? I have visions of the old Briarlee or the Damnasty Farm course.

CB2 said...

It is sort of a pine needle sandwich; pine needle singletrack sandwiched in between rocky sections. It's a little gnarlier than Domnarski or Hodges Village Damn.