Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Day 285

I'd sort of lost track recently of where we are in the year in terms of numbers of days. It turns out that today is the 282nd day of the year, which means that assuming I make it to cross practice tonight, it will be my 285th consecutive day of riding, having started the streak on December 28th.

At this point riding the bike is just a part of the day, not that it was really any different than that before the streak. I must admit, these cool fall days are really making me look forward to some snow this winter and being able to hit the skinny ski and snowshoes. That said, I've been thinking more and more about ditching the sleds, which I absolutely hate to do because I love riding but find it hard to justify, and getting a pair of snow-bikes in their place.

We will see what happens but I can't argue with the fact that the increased time on the bike is helping the results. I think that and a more focused and targeted ride and race schedule all year has been huge. I'm even wondering if the downturn late summer might not have been OK as well as it forced me to pare down a bit.

Good stuff.

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