Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I barely made it the front door before hitting the bowl of peanut butter cups stashed for the kids. I'm terrible with those things, which is why we usually don't have them in the house. I just have no will power.

We braved the storm with minimal damage and actually have power for the holiday this year. Cathy was busy gutting pumpkins this morning and making some really excellent baked pumpkin seeds. 

I just successfully carved the pumpkins without goring myself and then we lit them with the traditional candles inside. I'd forgotten entirely what a wonderful smell that is, pumpkin cooking itself from the inside out. It really took me back.

Now it is off for a short cyclocross practice session  amongst the blow-downs. We did the loop last night and were amazed at how many trees were over the railroad bed trails. Good fun.

Happy Halloween!

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