Friday, February 08, 2013

Back in the Day

I was just going through an old disk full of data and checking through some old pictures. Naturally I came across a whole bunch of good old junk, namely some of my old bikes. These are all from the digital (photography) days so don't go back super far, but there was some neat stuff.

They show some of the trends that we were part of back in the day, that day being the very early part of this century. Those trends were highly slanted toward MTB, in fact it was almost exclusively MTB with both single bikes and tandem. We were just starting to get into single-speeds and quickly went from cobbled together bikes to dedicated rigs. We also had a foray into full on lift access downhill at Sunday River, Bromont and Attitash. Freeride was the other component and most of the rides that we did centered around the more technical ride areas in the region; Lynn Woods, Vietnam or any one of a number of rocky outcroppings on the North Shore.

I found a bunch of offroad tandem material including a vintage video of  Cathy and I getting big air on our old Cannondale MTB tandem. We used to ride that thing everywhere and had a crew of others that were up for tandem-insanity rides at places like Lynn Woods, KT or Great Brook. I'm not talking the carriage roads either. We would seek out the gnar and see just what we could do. I recall clearing Stone Row on the tandem once. I also recall breaking something on the bike almost every ride we did. More on that in a post to come, my this weekend if we are locked in due to the impending Snowmageddon blizzard of '13.

Anyhow, here are a few oldies, depending on your age anyhow. Really, to me they don't seem that old.

Old school classic in Bassboat Blue with custom Englund/SID.
The first attempt at SS and I went radical. It proved a poor choice.
A later dedicated Santa Cruz Chameleon SS.
A 38# Freeride hardtail = a bad idea.
Final incarnation of my Bullit. Had them for 8 years. Love!
This bike was insane. Avalanche 8" was endless. 35# complete.
Cathy slayed the DH as well, no kidding. She had skills.
The shop carried Santa Cruz so we had them all.

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Chris H. said...

Great memories. Definitely marks when I rode with you guys as I recognize all the early bikes!