Saturday, February 09, 2013


Well, it finally happened and we broke the snow-less trend that started way back last year. Sure, there was some modest snow here and there but not nearly enough to make use of. Nuisance snow really, the kind that was just a pain in the butt. That all changed yesterday when the twin storms converged on the east coast giving way to Nemo the destroyer.

With a full on blizzard raging for better than 24 hours the snow quickly piled up into quantities not seen since the winter of 2011 and single storm quantities that were near or at record levels. Right here we picked up over two feet of fine, course powder which drifted in places well in excess of that.

With the help of the new 28" Ariens Pro snowblower that we purchased in the fall of 2011 and had almost never used, we made short order of the mounds of snow. In looking at some of the tracks in the back yard that I'd cleared I couldn't help think how east it would be to cut some twisties in the back and make a nice  little loop. And so it was.

Anyone want to race? There is no reason that the season has to be over, right? It's only over if we say it's over.

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