Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Running With the Devil

Or maybe I should actually say running is the Devil. It has been a very long time since I ran, besides the brief periods of running in cyclocross anyhow. I always forget just what a shock it is to the system when you start out a run, especially if you are in woefully poor shape and it is cold out. I now have a solid case of 'cross cough, which is actually runner's cough as it were.

I'll note a couple of interesting discoveries from my brief run this afternoon. First let me say the brief part was intentional. I'm trying to build slowly up so as not to destroy myself and be crippled for a week. I'm pretty sure that I failed as my quads feel like they were used as punching bags. What I noticed though is that running on frozen mud ruts is just as sketch as riding a CX bike on frozen mud ruts. It makes for some really insecure footing. Trail running is all about rocks, roots and other uneven surface though so I expected as much. Another note is that frozen ground feels a lot like pavement, broken pavement. Lastly, crushed rock and minimal trail running shoes really give the sensation of barefoot running. I'm not sure if that is a good thing. Regardless, I made it through unscathed save for one mildly rolled ankle.

I'm expecting some severe pain tomorrow. Good stuff.

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Hill Junkie said...

That's a non-trivial pace. Be careful. Aerobically you could run 6min miles, but some of the infrastructure can't support that. My first foray into running several years ago had me to the doctor in less than two weeks.