Friday, January 07, 2011

2010 Cycling Stats Summary

2010 Cycling Stats

  • 8662 miles
  • 600 hours
  • 45 races
  • 11 CBTT's

Hourly Breakdown
  • 235 hours road (SS & geared)
  • 197 hours MTB (SS & geared)
  • 81 hours cross (SS & geared)
  • 48 hours trainer/rollers
  • 22 hours tandem
  • 16 hours TT

Ride Breakdown
  • 101 MTB
  • 99 road
  • 62 trainer/rollers
  • 52 cross
  • 12 TT

My yearly mileage was up mildly this season, year over year, as was total time on the bikes and was the biggest year ever. This was the first year since I started the CBTT that I have not set a new PR and my Waterville Valley TT time was slightly slower than the previous year, though the course was longer and I struggled really badly controlling the bike with the crosswinds. I did have my biggest week ever with 462 miles during our "training camp" vacation week in the middle of the summer. Also managed to get in three centuries (100 plus mile rides) in February.

MTB season saw some of the best results ever, consistently setting the fastest Cat1 time overall. Keep in mind however that many of the fastest Cat1's are now racing the P/1 Open and my toughest competition in the past did not race MTB this season. There were also a couple of solid rides in the Elite category though the fields were not terribly deep.

The road season was lackluster but had some bright spots within the races themselves. Strength and fitness were typically not the issue, it was their overuse during the race resulting in less than stellar finishes. I'm left once again unable to pull together the pieces that would allow for a good finish. It may simply be that my personality will not allow me to effectively race the road.

The cross season started well but the motivation dried up quickly. Injury and mechanical issues played a strong mental part as well, leading to a painful and demoralizing season that had but a few glimpses of hope. All in all, a season that I can and will use for it's lessons learned.

This is what I have to say about that.

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JOHN said...

That's a lot of time on the bike Mikey!! Good for u!