Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Snow

Looks like it is going to be a real winter, at least judging from what we have seen of recent. After a number of false starts earlier in the season, today we had another storm that wasn't supposed to amount to much. The snow was steady and at times, very heavy, throughout the course of the morning and into the mid afternoon.

By the time the snow changed over to sleet and then rain we had racked up another 6" or so. This necessitated a solid 4 clearings of the drive as I didn't want to let it stack up and then have the rain come. It worked as we are clear and prepared for the wet stuff. The rain will help compact the snow and make for solid base. Unfortunately it means I'll be staying inside tonight rather than venturing out for some fun in the snow. Yes, it is only rain and yes, I will indeed melt.

At present, I've already far surpassed the total number of Nordic skiing outings from last season. Yesterday I hit Great Brook for a quick hour and a quarter skate which yielded 18km. Not exactly flying but conditions were far better than last Friday. The place was of course, a zoo as it was the MLK Day holiday, at least for some. Last Saturday I also got in a solid skate at Weston. Add that to the stuff over the holidays and I've got some good time in thus far with the outlook for the future being very bright.

Good stuff!

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