Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Well, not really. We are both still online and working though there do not seem to be many others available at any given point. Most folks are just trying to get cleaned out from the snow. Looks like winter has finally arrived in earnest here. When we went to bed last night it had not yet started to snow. I'm not sure exactly when it did start snowing but by the time we got out to start shoveling at 7:30AM, we had about a foot. Despite the temps being in the mid to upper twenties, the snow has been consistently moist, making it more difficult for my little Toro 2-stroke snow-blower to manage. The wind has also been fairly strong and gusty throughout the day so far. It took about an hour for the first pass which included the back deck and patio as well as clearing the waffled trees.

Just before noon we went out for the second clearing attempt. I'd waited too long unfortunately and we'd received another 3 - 4", of still fairly heavy snow. This meant my plan to just push it to the side of the drive with the shovels and then make one easy pass with the blower was foiled. This time the smaller quantity allowed the Toro top fling the white stuff with no problem. I also whittled away at the 3' high bank I left at the end of the drive. The snow was still coming down and the roads were not fully cleared so I knew that if I cleared the end, the town would happily fill it right back in. Not my first day on the big job, so to speak. I cleared a small entryway at the far end of the snowbank so the mail-man could get through, which he did and only about 1/2 hours late. Those guys have it rough. Hats off to them.

I can't wait to finish pretending to be working so I can go out and play. Maybe a little XC skiing tonight. Weston and Great Brook should both be awesome after this as it will pack into a really good base. If the temps stay cool we should be good to go for some time to come.

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