Sunday, January 02, 2011

Vacation's End

Well, this is it. Vacation is over. I guess that all good things must end. It was a great ride, and this particular vacation was long and had many, many faces. We got in a string of good fun MTB rides before Christmas and then a full week of fun in the snow up north in Maine last week. Finished it off with a good long road ride back at home yesterday and a bunch of milling about and not doing much of anything today. Even had the opportunity to get a bunch of chores done over the course of the long break. Alas, it's back to work tomorrow morning.

Here are some images from the various events and adventures of this past vacation.

The calm before the storm, GB/RM MTB Ride.

Cathy and a sunset ski at the Bethel Inn.

The view of RT26 East from Table Rock.

The Mount Washington Hotel and it's namesake.

Awesome XC skate day at Bretton Woods.

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